martes, 29 de junio de 2010

Poema en Ingles "Una Mujer como Tu"

A Woman As You

A woman as your,
like the maiden,
of a look that transfers the infinite,
as illuminating the stars,
with your deep happyness,
leaving the bad while that you to I throw to live,
the woman, of questios and answers,
alone knows to say beautiful words,
that leave the heart,
as freshwater source.

A woman as your,
beautiful with it's gold color hair,
that is as a waterfall that falls shoulders,
adorn like an angel,
here in the land.

Your beautiful eyes, as two valeys,
where I see me to walk among the but beautiful blue rivers,
and are happy the heart of the one that sees them.

So beautiful, so beautiful, delicate,
and your lips as two fresh stranwberries,
that are ready to kiss to you belove one,
where a heart draws, among the cold winds of December.

Your hands, as two white stars,
that remove the pain,
with a single massage,
as if they were a magic balsam,
that the deep thing of the pain.

A woman as you, himself is not found,
beautiful, pretty, delicate, and loving,
like a the virgin that expects to his beloved one,
and the one that says beautiful words,
that leave the heart.

Enviado por: Mauricio " Maury " Olivares.

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